AusLogics Registry Cleaner

AusLogics Registry Cleaner

Repairs your system registry to regain its old speed and stability
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System registry is the central database of any Windows system, thus, when its entries get damaged or corrupted, system performance is directly affected. If this is your case, you need to use a specialized tool such as AusLogics Registry Cleaner which repairs your registry, restoring your system's original performance and stability.

The program has been designed with both beginners and experts in mind. On the one hand, if you are a beginner you can simply click on the "Scan Now" button, wait for the results, and then click on the "Repair" button, that's it. If, on the other hand, you are an expert, you can use the options on the left panel of the program's main window to select what areas of your registry you want to be analyzed and repaired. Besides of that, once your registry analysis results are shown, you can select which kind of problems to be repaired and which not, and even which individual entries to be repaired and which not. Thus, with AusLogics Registry Cleaner you have full control over the specific areas and entries of your registry you really want to fix.

Another strong point of this tool is that, by default, it automatically creates a backup of your registry before applying any changes to it. This allows you to return to a previous state, undoing any fixes applied by the repair process, if for whatever reason you decide to do so. Moreover, you can create an ignore list to prevent specific areas or entries of your registry to be fixed or removed. On top of that, the program allows you to search for entries containing a specific keyword or phrase, for removal or fixing. Of course, these features are exclusively designed for advanced or expert users, as an incorrect manipulation of a system registry may lead to a totally unstable or even an unusable system.

To sum it all up, this tool is a comprehensive registry cleaner that gives you full control over your registry's analysis and repairing process. As drawbacks, the program doesn't allow you to schedule automatic registry repair tasks, and also, it constantly invites you to download and install other tools published by Auslogics, specially AusLogics BoostSpeed.

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  • Allows you to specify the areas and entries of your registry to be repaired.
  • Creates a security backup of your registry before repairing it.
  • Allows you to create an ignore list.
  • Allows you to search for specific entries through keywords


  • Doesn't allow you to schedule automatic registry repair tasks.
  • Constantly invites you to install other tools by Auslogics
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